Tim Lawrence first came up with the idea for M2 Magazine in December 2004. After building the first issue, he then took the storyboards of the first issue and sold all the advertisements. It was greeted with enthusiasm and “I don’t get it… Men don’t read” comments. But, there were more yays than nays, and in May 2005 was the launch issue.

Greg Sinclair (Our Advertising Sales Director) started on 2 May 2005, the day after the first issue went on sale. And a year later Andre Rowell joined as our Creative Director.

The first year was tough, we were pioneering a new category of magazine in New Zealand – Men’s Lifetstyle, that wasn’t smut.

By year 2, readers and advertisers got it and M2 Magazine took off!

In 2008, the wives of M2 readers wanted their own magazine, one that was not condesending with horoscopes and Hollywood gossip – M2woman Magazine launched in October 2008 as a trial with M2 Magazine that month. The results were phenonmenial and in Feb 2009 M2woman began life as a stand alone Magazine.

Continuing our tradition of innovation, M2 was the first Magazine on iPhone, iPad & Android in New Zealand.

In 2017 we took the bold step of putting full issues of M2 Magazine behind a paywall (, launched the standalone M2 Shop, M2woman Magazine celebrated it’s 9th Birthday issue and M2 Magazine celebrated it’s 12th Birthday issue.

Thank you for your interest in our story. Its been a great trip so far and has no sign of slowing down!


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